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Dongguan Boyish Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us
Our company is located in Guangdong China We specialized in SMT processing equipment service providers support a full range of manufacturing solutions for electronics manufacturing partners Focus on automated water based cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions Boyish Electronic Technology Co Ltd Boyish is a professional cleaning equipment manufacturer The headquarters research and development center is located in Shenzhen and the production factory is located in the convenient coastal city of Dongguan It is a high tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights integrating R D manufacturing sales and service Boyish has long been focused on the development and expansion of...

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Cutter Machine

Cleaning Machine


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MachineSMT Nozzle 140S N610043702AASmall Wave Soldering CleanerSMT Nozzle 240C N610062681ABOnline Pcba Cleaning MachineSeparates Both Small MachineLead Free Vacuum Reflow OvenN610017372AC-Stl 115S NozzleN610017371AC-Stl 110S NozzlePCBA Online Cleaning MachinePCB PCBA Automatic SeparatorSMT Nozzle 225C N610040782ABSMT Nozzle 210A 101YCO-K0210DI Water Treatment EquipmentSony Nozzle Cleaning MachineHigh Quality Cutting MachineSMT Nozzle 130S N610017375ACN610017373AC-Stl 120S NozzleHot Air Vertical Reflow OvenAutomatic Pcb/Pcba SeparatorsSMT Nozzle 115CS N610017372ACAcrab Nitrogen Wave SolderingCustom Laser Board SeparatorsSMT Nozzle 110CS N610017371ACUltrasonic Cleaning EquipmentOptical Photoelectric CleanerSMT Nozzle 120CS N610017373ACSMT Nozzle 226CS N610040787ABSMT Nozzle 205CS N610017370ACDip Pallet Cleaning EquipmentOnline Pcba Cleaning SolutionSMT Nozzle 210CS 101YCO-K0210SMT Nozzle 225CS N610040786ABSMT Nozzle 203ZS N610038265AADesktop Reflow Soldering OvenSell Well Smt Stencil CleanerJUKI 7505 7506 7507 7508 7509SMT Nozzle 235CS N610043815ABSMT Nozzle 240CS N610040853ABSMT Nozzle 230CS N610040788ABStable temperature reflow OvenCM20F CM301 CM402 DT401 NozzleAutomatc PCBA Cleaning Machine6 Temperature Zone Reflow OvenHigh Efficiency Wave-SolderingWave-Soldering With Short TimeHigh Efficiency Cut SeparatorsYAMAHA Nozzle Cleaning MachineWafer and LCD Cleaning MachineHigh Efficiency Nozzle CleanerOnline Pcba Cleaning EquipmentCustom Online V-Cut SeparatorsAutomatic PCBA Washing MachineCameral Module Cleaning SystemAutomatice Pcba Router MachineLead Free Vertical Reflow OvenAfter Dip Pcba Cleaner MachineAutomatice PCBA Cutter MachineCleaning Machine with Low PriceAutomatic Pcba Cleaning MachineJUKI 7501 7502 7503 7504 NozzleAutomatic Conveyor Reflow OvensStatic Discharge Samsung NozzleUltrasound Camera Module CleanerFully Automatic PCB PCBA CuttingAutomatic Wave-Soldering MachineSMT Nozzle 110S N610017371AC-StlOn-line PCB PCBA Cutting MachinePCBA Cleaning and Drying MachineEconomic Nitrogen Wave SolderingSMT Nozzle 120S N610017373AC-StlHigh Performance Pcb/Pcba RouterSMT Nozzle 115S N610017372AC-StlAutomatic Wave Soldering CleanerSuitable for PCB Cutting MachineHigh Quality PCBA Cutting MachineStable Performance Camera CleanerPneumatic Stencil Washing MachinePanasonic Nozzle Cleaning MachinePCBA Single Side Cleaning MachineMechanical Wave Soldering CleanerPCBA BGA Stencil Cleaning MachineAutomatic PCB PCBA Cutting MachinePneumatic Stencil Cleaning MachineTin-Saving Nitrogen Wave SolderingCleaning and Drying in One MachineHigh Quality PANASONIC 230C NozzleEasy to Use Sickle Cutting MachineHigh Quality Pcba Cutting EquipmentSilk-screen Stencil Washing MachinePcba Cutting Performance SeparatorsMobile Camera Module Cleaning SystemProduction Line PCBA Cleaning MachineFull Pneumatic Screen Cleaner MachineNozzle Cleaning and Detention MachineEnergy-Saving Nitrogen Wave SolderingWave-soldering Carrier Washing MachineDIP Wave-soldering Jig Washing MachineHigh Efficiency Stencil Washing MachineCleaning Machine 4-12 Inch Silicon WaferChinese Suppliers Supply Cleaning MachineSMT Nozzle Cleaning and Detention MachineMobile Phone Camera Module Cleaning SystemWave-soldering Carrier Jig Washing MachineMobile Phone Camera Module Cleaning MachineMobile Phone Lens Module Cleaning EquipmentMobile Phone Camera Module Cleaning SolutionPneumatic Silk Screen Stencil Cleaning MachineIndustrial DIP Carrier Pallet Cleaning Machine
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