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  • SMT Stencil Cleaning Machine
    SMT Stencil Cleaning Machine
  • SMT nozzle cleaning machine automatic cleaning machine
    SMT nozzle cleaning machine automatic cleaning machine
  • Coating line conformal coating machine
    Coating line conformal coating machine
  • SMT PCBA Coating Line Conformal Coating Machine
    SMT PCBA Coating Line Conformal Coating Machine
  • Online PCB/PCBA  automatic  separator
    Online PCB/PCBA automatic separator
  • JTR series Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Oven
    JTR series Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Oven
  • DIP Wave soldering machine
    DIP Wave soldering machine
  • DIP Wave-soldering Jigs Washing Machine
    DIP Wave-soldering Jigs Washing Machine
  • Automatic PCBA Cleaning and Drying Machine
    Automatic PCBA Cleaning and Drying Machine
  • Automatic PCBA Single Side Cleaning Machine
    Automatic PCBA Single Side Cleaning Machine


ROC Precision Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 and is located at No. 3, Tengfeng Road, Fenghuang Community, Fuyong Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen. Focus on the R&D and sales of cleaning equipment and SMT peripheral equipment in the electronics manufacturing industry. The main products are: SMT cleaning equipment, wafer cleaning equipment, PCB sub-board machine, SMT welding equipment, SMT printer, SMT machine accessories, etc. Business Scope: 1. R & D and sales of intelligent automation equipment and components 2. R & D and sales of mechanical equipment and products, electronic products, electronic product cleaning equipment, PCB/PCBA sub-board equipment, electronic placement equipment, wave soldering equipment, Reflow Oven, other SMT peripheral equipment and accessories. 3. Sales of water-based environmentally friendly cleaning fluids. 4. Sales of SMT machine accessories , like SMT Nozzle, SMT Feeder,etc.
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    We Were Established In 2009.
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    Our Factory Have More Than 50 Employees.
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    More Than 1000 Square Meters Technical R&D Building.
  • The Use of A Medical Oxygen Generator 1.Medical function: By supplying oxygen to patients, it can cooperate with the treatment of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, respiratory system, etc. Chronic obstructive pneumonia and other diseases, as well as gas poisoning and other severe hypoxia symptoms. 2.Health care function: Improve the oxygen supply status of the body by supplying oxygen to achieve the purpose of oxygen supplement and health care. Suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, people with poor physical fitness, pregnant women, college entrance examination students and other people with varying degrees of hypoxia. It can also be used to eliminate fatigue and restore physical functions after heavy physical or mental exhaustion. 3.The oxygen generator is suitable for small and medium hospitals, clinics, health stations, etc. in cities, villages, remote areas, mountainous areas, plateaus, etc. It is also suitable for nursing homes, home oxygen therapy, sports training centers, plateau military stations and other oxygen use places. How to Choose A Medical Oxygen Generator? 1.Product performance. Whether the oxygen generator has a cumulative timing function, it can provide an objective and accurate basis for future maintenance and services. Whether the oxygen concentration can still meet the standard (93% 3%) under 24-hour uninterrupted working conditions. We must pay attention to the performance of the new machine, and more importantly, whether the long-term oxygen concentration is stable and long-term operation is reliable during use. 2.service system. Oxygen is a cardiopulmonary medicine. Oxygen therapy is an important medica
    2021-04 30
  • The medical oxygen generator is a kind of medical equipment that extracts oxygen from the air by using techniques such as pressure swing adsorption. It is suitable for oxygen therapy and health care in medical institutions and families. The principle of using the oxygen generator is called the medical molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption PSA oxygen generation system. It uses molecular sieve as the adsorbent and uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to use ambient air as the raw material at room temperature and low pressure . Under the conditions, the adsorption capacity of nitrogen (adsorbent) in the air is increased when the molecular sieve is pressurized, and the adsorption capacity of the nitrogen in the air is reduced when the pressure is reduced, forming a rapid cycle process of pressure adsorption and decompression desorption, so The oxygen and nitrogen in the air can be separated, and the carbon dioxide, gaseous acid and other gaseous oxides in the air are all substances with strong molecular polarity, which are difficult to pass through the molecular sieve, so that the purity of the oxygen produced can reach 93%. v/v above). According to the principle of pressure swing adsorption, zeolite molecular sieves are used as adsorbents. Due to the selective adsorption characteristics of zeolite molecular sieves, nitrogen is largely adsorbed by zeolite molecular sieves, oxygen is enriched in the gas phase, and nitrogen and oxygen separation is achieved under the action of pressure swing adsorption. Two adsorption tower processes are adopted, one for adsorption and oxygen production, a
    2021-04 30
  • In the production process of PCBA cleaning machine, it is very important to obtain information about potential pollution sources. At the same time, we need to understand the cleaning capacity of the cleaning equipment and ensure that the process is within the controllable range. Hazardous pollutants can usually be divided into two categories: ionic pollution and non-ionic pollution. The monitored process can better ensure the cleanliness and reliability of the product. We have carried out actual research on this. Cleaning is one of the processes of PCBA electronic assembly. With the continuous improvement of assembly density and complexity, it has once again become the focus in the production of high-reliability products such as military and aerospace, and has attracted more and more attention from the industry. According to the different cleaning media, cleaning techniques include solvent cleaning, water cleaning and semi-aqueous cleaning. Water cleaning can be divided into saponification method and water purification method. In the manufacturing process of PCBA cleaning machine, soldering, solder, solder wire, etc. are used for soldering. The function of the flux in soldering is to remove the oxide on the soldering surface of the PCB board to make the metal surface reach the necessary cleanliness. The main components of the flux are organic acids, resins and other components. ROC is one of the leading manufacturers of SMT cleaning machines in China, mainly producing SMT Nozzle Cleaner, PCBA Cleaning Machine, PCB Cleaning Machine, SMT stencil cleaning machine, Jigs cleaning machine, Camera modules cleaning machine, Wafer Cleaner Machine, etc.
    2021-04 22
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